Zivkovic R. Petar



Zivkovic R. Petar, army general (Negotin, February 5, 1879 - London, 1947) He was a cadet of the 30th Class of the Lower School and 14th Class of the Higher School at the Military Academy. In the period between 1907 and 1909 he attended professional development course in France. His duty positions encompass: From May 31, 1903 he was a sgt in the Guard squadron; in 1903 adjutant to the Prince Alexander; from October 10, 1906 he was sgt in the Guard squadron; From April 1, 1909, he was a commander of the Guard squadron; until 1912 he was adjutant to the commander of the Timok division area. In 1912-1913 wars: he was commander of the Timok division corps 1 поз; from August 12, 1913 he was assistant to commander of the 4th Corps. In 1914 - 1918 war: from August 24, 1914 he was assistant to the Chief of Staff of the Command; from September 8, 1914 he was commander od the 1st Corps; from November 13, 1914 he was commander of the 4th Corps; from October 15 to 31, 1915 he was a commander of the detachment; until August 28, 1916 he was commander of the Joint Veternik detachment; from August 28, 1916 he was adjutant to the King as well as the representative of the marshal of the palace; одл. I 1917- 1918 commander of the Guard and the Grand Marshal of the Palace. After the war: from 1919 to 1929 and from April 4, 1932 to October 22, 1934 he was commander of the Guard. In his absence, until 1936, the Guard was officially under the command of acting commanders. His political duty positions were: from January 6, 1929 until April 4, 1932 he was the PM; in addition to the aforementioned position he was also in charge of the internal affairs from January 29, 1929 until January 5, 1932 and he also was acting military minister from March 21 to April 6, 1931; he was assigned to Reserve Forces on September 24, 1931 so that he could take part in organisation of the political party (JNS) and parliamentary elections held in November 1931; he was military and Navy minister from October 22, 1934 until March 7, 1936. He was assigned to the Reserve Forces on June 29, 1936; He was re-engaged in the politics after March 27, 1941. He was assistant to the military and Navy minister of the governments-in-exile. He died in exile.

Promotions: 2nd lieutenant September 30, 1899; lieutenant February 22, 1903; captain June 29, 1906; captain, 1st class January 1, 1910; major January 1, 1912; lieutenant-colonel June 29, 1914; colonel October 1, 1915; division general October 21, 1923; army general October 17, 1930. He was awarded the Karadjordje fourth-degree Star with Swords.

Family situation: father Raka salesman from Negotin, mother Sara from the vicinity of Tetovo, brother Dimitrije - general. He never married. His address was 67 Zorina Street. His remains were transferred to the New Cemetary of Belgrade, on parcel 27. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Cavalry in maneuver war (1924).


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