The Military Intelligence Agency, within its scope of work, carries out two basic functions:

  • HUMINT function
  • Defence Diplomacy function.
HUMINT function is achomplished in the Military Intelligence Centers of MIA.
Defence Diplomacy function is performed through the Defence Attache Officies, in accordance with the Laws and Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.
Intelligence and reconnaissance function (sub-function) is also a part of the defense system and is carried out by the Directorate for Intelligence Affairs (J-2) of the General Staff of Serbian Armed Forces.
The Military Intelligene Agency supports the intelligence protection of SAF mainly at the strategic level. The support relates to: indications and warnings, intelligence protection, understanding of current situation, preparation and protection of forces. Support which is given to the protection of the forces is crucial in multinational operations abroad.
In order to provide timely support to the Serbian Armed Forces in accomplishing the strategic intelligence protection, an adequate intelligence system has been established. Thus, the activity of expert organs of MIA as well as of intelligence elements of SAF is organized in a such manner as to make functional part of support to the interests of the Republic of Serbia and its engaged forces. 


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