Short description and signification of the MIA symbol:

THE OWL as a generally adopted symbol in 75% military intelligence institutions worldwide, is the oldest and invariable symbol of knowledge, wisdom, awareness, omniscient persistence, vigilance, sharp mindedness, analytical mind, precision and prompt actions, contemplation and silence, enemy stalking, selection and assessment of the aforesaid strong actions.

BLUE COLOUR (of the owl) is a symbol of truth, intellectual strength, revelation, loyalty, devotion, perseverance and reasonableness.

HONEYCOMB (web of cells) is a symbol of immortality, integrity, joint action and development, whereas in accordance with the divine principle, it represents the most solid omnidirected ramification. The very symbol (on the owl) of the honeycomb is a hexagonal reflection of the light of the high divine dimensions in the matter. As such, it represents a ramification of the network through the mind and wisdom, individual and group action took in order to establish peace, justice, protection and maintaining of the integrity of the system, groups and individuals. The owl "standing on its tail" represents its dynamics and connection with the transcedental, through the unity of the matter and the spirit. The honeycomb is closely related to the symbol of the web which is present in the MIA symbol and can be observed on the grey-silver base of the round shield, and it represents the web of the Earth sphere in the golden intersection of the ellipse around the owl.

THE AUREOLE (nimbus) surrounding the owl as the golden-yellow line as well as the aureole surrounding the round shield with inscription MILITARY INTELLIGENCE AGENCY represents the holy circle, spiritual transparency, power of a genius, emanation of the life energy and wisdom as well as the transcendental light of the knowledge.

The entire symbol represents A ROUND SHIELD interwoven at the lower corner of the owl's nest, made of the golden leaves of the oak and laurel, connected into the whole by the tricoloured flag of our country. The round shield is directly connected to the tradition of the Slaves, the Serbs, the Nemanjics and Saint Sava, which can be observed in our monasteries, frescoes of the heroes with round shields.

THE OAK AND LAUREL LEAVES, as a symbol, leads to the ancient history. The oak tree is a holy tree for the Slaves from the ancient history until nowadays. The residue of the aforementioned tradition rests in the Christianity - the Yule block which represents rebirth, life and well-being. THE OAK LEVAES symbolize the strength, endurance, courage, stamina, tenacity and protection from the evil. THE LAUREL LEAVES represent a triumph, victory, honour, eternity and maturation of the knowlegde and peace.

THE SWORD is a symbol of protection, power, authority, dignity and heavenly affection. It represents seniority, justice, bravery, strength and vigilance. In a metaphysical sense, the sword represents sharp power of the intellect (incisive mind, sharp like a sword), spiritual decisiveness, inviolability of the sanctity, freedom, justice and equality. In addition to that, it symbolizes innate duality of life and death, active aspect of will and warrior power. In Christianity, the sword and the cross are equated with the Passion of the Christ although it also can be seen in the ensign of many archangels and saints. Unlike the crossed swords that represent readiness for combat and action, the symbol of MIA is a sword oriented towards the right-hand male positive heraldic position and it indicates the safe direction, stable path and individual strength. The sword is, in terms of the conceptual basis, slightly observable,and yet it is present, because its action, reflected in this symbol, is concelaed and secret, whereas its horizontal position (not dynamic) indicates the need for a peaceful solution and diplomacy.

The owl, saint blue bird of wisdom and lightning action, is hovering and keeping guard over the nest made of oak and laurel leaves, whreated in the Serbian tricolour and sword. The owl develops the honeycomb of the unity, builds its own invisible intelligence networks in secular and spiritual world. By preying upon dark thoughts and mistakes of those who attack the several century-lasting tradition of our region, the owl is protected by divine aureole. The owl drives away the adversaries by her persistence and vigilance, and makes them repent, love and cooperate.


Decision on symbol of the Military Intelligence Agency 

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