Parliamentary oversight

Article 16.

The National Assembly exercises oversight over the work of the security services directly or through the authorized Parliamentary board (hereafter referred to as the Board).
The Board is particularly responsible for:


  • oversight of the constitutionality and legitimity of the security services work;
  • oversight of the harmonization of the work of the security services with the National Defense Strategy, Defense Strategy and Security and Intelligence policy of the Republic of Serbia;
  • oversight of the obedience of political, ideological and interest neutrality of the security services;
  • oversight of the legality of implementation of special procedures and measures for covert data gathering;
  • oversight of the legality of budget and other spendings;
  • considering and adopting of reports on security services work;
  • considering draft laws, other regulations and general acts related to the security services;
  • launching initiatives and presenting draft laws on competencies of the services;
  • considering propositions and petitions the National Assembly was presented with by the citizens, in relation to the security services work. It also proposes measures for solving the aforementioned issues and informs the plaintiff about the process;
  • establishing facts on observed illegitimacy or irregularity in work of the services and their members and draws a conclusion about it;
  • reporting the National Assembly on its conclusions and propositions.



The Board session

Article 17.


Director of the security service is obliged to make an appearance before the Parliament, in order to participate in the Board session.
If director of the security service is unable to attend the session of the Board, he is obliged to appoint his deputy, that is to say - his authorized representative for the Board session. The Board sessions may be held behind closed doors. In that case, the Chairman of the Board informs the public about the activities of the Board, in accordance with decisions adopted during the session of the Board.

Board reporting

Article 18.

Director of the security service must report to the Board at least once during the regular session of the National Assembly.On that occasion, director submits the regular report on activities of the service. Director of the security service also submits report to the Board if needed or at request of the Board (flash report).

Direct oversight

Article 19.

At the request of the Board, director of the security service is obliged to grant the members of the Board access to the official premises of the security service, to grant them access to the documents,data and information about the activities of the service as well as answers to their questions about the activities of the service.

Members of the Board are not entitled to ask the security services information about:

  • identity of the current and former associates of the service;
  • members of the service with secret identity;
  • persons who would be exposed to danger by disclosure of the aforementioned information;
  • methods of intelligence and security data gathering;
  • ongoing actions;
  • modes of employment of special procedures and measures;
  • data and information obtained by ecxhange with foreign services and international organizations;
  • other state organs' secret data and information in possession of the service.

(Law on the security services)



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