In line with the defined missions, the MIA's basic tasks are:

In the first mission:

  1. To monitor and research the political and security situation in the surroundig areas that may generate risks and threats to the state security;
  2. To monitor the millitary aspect of international relations;
In the second mission:

  1. To direct and plan intelligence preparations and intelligence protection of Serbian Armed Forces;
  2. To provide and exchange intelligence with intelligence-reconnaissance organs and units of Serbian Armed Forces;
  3. To monitor crises in the regions wherein the national forces are or might be engaged in multinational operations;
In the third mission:

  1. To represent MOD and Serbian Armed Forces abroad;
  2. To protect interests of MOD and SAF and to participate in development of international cooperation with foreign armies;
  3. To inform about conditions and current events in the country in which it is being accredited to.


The Article 25 of Law on Military Security Agency and Military Intelligence Agency regulates the sphere of activities and tasks and with their realization the competences of MIA are accomplished. 

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