The Military Intelligence Agency has three missions:


  1. Support to the state and military leadership in providing the intelligence information on risks and threats directed from abroad against the security of the Republic of Serbia;
  2. Intelligence support to the Serbian Armed Forces in accomplishing its missions and tasks;
  3. Representing and protection of the intrests of MOD and SAF abroad;

We put all our efforts "in being the first line of defense" against outer challenges, risks and threats – in peacetime, crisis and war.


Our motto is:

"Faster, better and wiser“

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Last news

  • 21.12.2018. | Sitting of the Security Services Control Committee

    At the sittings held on 21 December 2018 and closed to the public, the Security Services Control Committee considered and adopted the activity reports of the Military Security Agency and the Military Intelligence Agency for the previous period.

  • 13.11.2018. | Brigadier General Stojkovic at the SEEMIC Conference

    The Director of the Military Intelligence Agency Brigadier General Zoran Stojkovic participated on 10th annual South East Europe Military Intelligence Chiefs (SEEMIC) Conference

  • 09.11.2018. | The Armistice Day Marked

    The members of the Military Intelligence Agency have gathered today to commemorate the 11th November


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