The members of the MIA are officers, NCOs, state and military servants and employees. The candidates are admitted to work in the MIA by the open vacancy announcement and on the basis of personal tendencies and preferences. The candidates to be employed in the MIA are highly motivated, ready to accept challenges of an interesting, dynamic, exciting and very responsible job, but only after security and psychophysical checks have been conducted, as well as after their intellectual abilities and emotional stability have been estimated, which is defined by very strict criteria.

A complex selection procedure is defined by high demands for the top qualified staff, which is in accordance with the special requirements of the intelligence activity. As the result of these high standards persons chosen to work in the MIA have high psycho-physical stability, developed general intelligence and certain specific abilities (verbal, spatial, numerical…) resourcefulness, adaptability, flexibility and creativity in different situations that they may be faced with.

Female members also perform various duties within the MIA. Currently women make 20% out of the total number of Agency’s employees, with a tendency to increase the number of employed women members in this year.

Most members of the MIA, apart from their formal higher education acquired in the military academies and civilian faculties, also completed different postgraduate specialization studies, MSc and PhD and other forms of professional intelligence training in the country and abroad.

Knowledge of at least one foreign language is one of the basic and necessary conditions for the work in the MIA. Great importance is given to this condition.

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