Article 54


Inspector General:


  • is responsible for oversight of the implementation, by MIA, MSA and their members, of the principles of neutrality in terms of interest, politics and ideology;
  • is responsible for oversight of the legitimate implementation of special measures and actions related to data gathering; it supervises the legitimacy of funds and other resources spending;
  • gives opinion on draft laws, regulations and general documents within the competency of MIA and MSA;
  • establishes the facts about observed illegitimacy or irregularity related to work of MIA, MSA and their members;
  • reports directly to the defense minister regarding the results of the oversight and gives proposals regarding new measures.


The Inspector General is appointed by the Government for a term of five years, upon recommendation of the defense minister and opinion of the National Security Council. Inspector General reports directly to Defense ministar.


Inspector General reports at least once a year to the competent Parliamentary board about results of the control. Inspector General may not be a member of any political party, nor he is allowed to perform any public function.


(Law on Military Security Agency and Law on Military Intelligence Agency)

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