Markovic J. Petar, general of division, (Kragujevac, 16 April 1879 - Belgrade, 1953). Cadet of the 28th Class of the Lower School and the 11th Class of the Higher School of the Military Academy. He finished the General Staff course, and afterwards he was assigned to a duty in France for 14 months.

Duties: since September 02, 1903 acting commander of the 2nd Company/л.бн/18.пп; since October 29, 1904 assistant of the head of class at the Military Academy; since April 23, 1908 in the General Staff of the Danube Division area; since October 17, 1913 in the Reporting Section of the Operational Division in the Main General Staff. During the 1912-1913 wars: chief of staff of the Drina Division of the 2nd call-up. (he took part in the siege of Skadar, where the squad faced a heavy defeat ono Brdica). During the 1914-1918 war: chief of staff of the Timok Division of the 1st call-up. (he was partly responsible for the tragedy which happened while trying to cross the river Sava near Cevrntija on September 06, 1914); since March 1916, he was a commander of the 8th Infantry Regiment; commander of the French combined regiment; on duty in the Military Command, assistant of the chief of staff of the 1st Army. After the war: since March 02, 1920 chief of staff of the General Military Division МВМ; chief of the Reporting Section of the Main General Staff in 1921; since March 26, 1923. acting commander of the 2nd Command (KD); since September 14, 1923 acting chief of staff of the Intelligence Division of the Main General Staff; since December 30, 1925 president of the examining commission for the rank of Major; simultaneously, he was a war history teacher for the participants of the General Staff course; since February 10, 1927 commander of th 1st Command (KD). Retired on April 11, 1929. As an infantry first lieutenant he took part in the May Overthrow in 1903.

Promotions: general of division on October 21, 1923. Decorated with Order of the Karadjordje's Star with Swords of the 4th degree.

Family situation: since 1910 he was married to Miss Danica, daughter of Naum Nikolic, a merchant from Belgrade. Bibliography: From past days. Memories from 1915, 1916, 1917 and 1918 (Belgrade 1920).

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