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Military Intelligence Agency Activity Report Adopted

13. 12. 2017

At the sitting held on 13 December, 2017, the Security Services Control Committee adopted the Military Intelligence Agency Activity Report.

The Committee members ascertained that the Military Intelligence Agency Activity Report provides a comprehensive insight into the agency’s work and results.

The report was submitted by Colonel Zoran Stojkovic, the Deputy Director of the Military Intelligence Agency.

“The Military Intelligence Agency is one of the pillars of the national security of the Republic of Serbia and its members work continuously on the tasks that contribute to the protection of our country and its citizens. The positive assessment of the Agency’s work is very important for us as well as the fact that the Committee’s members have given the full support to the further engagement of our members. This is an encouragement for us to continue to perform complex tasks in the forthcoming period, which primarily refer to monitoring political and security situation in the world and in the region, intelligence protection of the of the Serbian Armed Forces as well as presenting the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces abroad”, Colonel Stojkovic, emphasized after the Committee’s session.

At the same sitting the Committee, in accordance with its competencies, also reviewed the Proposal of the Rulebook on the Military Intelligence Agency Internal Control and gave positive assessment about it.

The Military Intelligence Agency submits twice a year the Report on its work to the competent Committee of the National Assembly in accordance with the Law on the bases regulating security services of the Republic of Serbia.

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