Announcement about the tribune on NATO aggression

29. 03. 2019

In accordance with the Program of marking 20 years of defense from the NATO aggression, the defence attachés of the Republic of Serbia have organized a series of events in the past period, in order to remind the foreign public and colleagues from the military diplomatic corps of the unpleasant events which occurred two decades ago, when our country and people were exposed to great sufferings.

On March 26, 2019, at the Cultural Center of Serbia in Paris a tribune with the support of our embassy and the Center was organized by the defence attaché of Serbia, Colonel Miroslav Nikolic. We emphasize that the defense attaché received consent from the embassy to use the space, while the arrangement was in the jurisdiction of the Cultural Center, whose representatives were previously informed about the tribune’s program.

After addressing of the defence attaché of Serbia, the visitors were shown a shorter documentary about the NATO aggression depicting the terrible destructions which our country was exposed to during the 78 days of bombing and sufferings of the civilian population - from demolishing bridges, throwing cluster bombs on civilians, destroying factories, road and other infrastructures. Speaking at the tribune, retired French officer Jacques Hogard, the author of the book "Europe died in Pristina", testified about his stay in Kosovo and Metohija after the NATO aggression.

Apart from the representatives of our Embassy and the Cultural Center, the event was attended by representatives of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, members of the Armed Forces of France, military diplomatic corps from the Russian Federation, USA, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Cyprus, Algeria, Lithuania, Argentina, Peru and Chile, the president of the National Federation "Andre Maginot, retired Admiral Andre Lakaye and representatives of the Association of Serbs in France.

We would like to emphasize that the documentary about NATO aggression was also shown in the defence attaché offices of Serbia in Ankara, Budapest, Washington, Moscow, Berlin, Skopje, etc. The film is disturbing since it shows real events from 1999.

We would like to remind that the main tasks of our military diplomatic representatives are to represent the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces abroad, advocate the interests of our country and spread the truth about our past. In accordance with these principles our military defence attachés also acted, being in 1999 on the positions to defend their homeland, while today they are spreading the truth about the events from that time.

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