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Security Services Control Committee in Supervisory Visit to Military Intelligence Agency Headquarters

28. 12. 2016

In line with its 2016 Activity Plan, the Security Services Control Committee of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia conducted a supervisory visit to the Military Intelligence Agency Headquarters on 27 December 2016.

The delegation was headed by Committee Chairman MA Igor Becic, and comprised Committee members Dragan Sormaz, Vladimir Djukanovic, Marija Obradovic and Meho Omerovic, as well as Committee deputy member Zvonimir Djokic.

In accordance with its scope of duties, the Committee delegation surveyed the legality of the Military Intelligence Agency’s operation and was given direct insight into the documentation pertaining to the implementation of special procedures and measures for the covert gathering of data in the purview of the Military Intelligence Agency. The Committee delegation was briefed on the activities the Military Intelligence Agency implements in the gathering, analysis, assessment, protection and submission of data and information on potential and real threats.

The heads of certain Military Intelligence Agency organisational unites briefed the Committee delegation on the mode of operation and methodology and the documentation and practice of special procedures and measures. The MPs talked to the Military Intelligence Agency’s operative unit in charge of gathering data prom public sources. The Military Intelligence Agency personnel took active part in the supervisory visit and provided comprehensive explanations and responses to the Committee delegation’s questions.

The Committee delegation concluded that the Military Intelligence Agency follows the security situation and responds in accordance with its legally defined duty. The delegation commended its activities concerning the current situation and considerable influx of refugees, combating terrorism and cooperation and exchange of information with foreign security services because security is indivisible and knows no borders and intelligence cooperation with foreign security structures contributes to finding adequate responses to any potential future situation.

The Committee delegation ascertained that the Military Intelligence Agency acts in accordance with its scope and legally prescribed procedures. The Military Intelligence Agency personnel received a positive assessment and full support for its future engagements on the realisation of key tasks.

The supervisory visit to the Military Intelligence Agency Headquarters completes the cycle of supervisory visits to security services’ headquarters and the Committee will continue to actively supervise the security services’ work so as to boost their efficiency.

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