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The Security Services Control Committee in the Supervisory Visit to the Military Intelligence Agency

27. 05. 2015

The Security Services Committee in accordance with the Committees’ Year 2015 Work Plan paid the supervisory visit to the Military Intelligence Agency on 26th May, 2015.

The Committee’s Delegation was headed by the Member of the Parliament and the President of the Committee Momir Stojanovic. The members of the Committee, the MPs, who participated in the supervisory visit are as follows: Željko Sušec, Dragan Šormaz, Dragan Šutanovac and Goran Bogdanović as well as deputy members of the Committee Jelena Mijatović and Siniša Maksimović.

In accordance with the competences prescribed by the Law on the basis regulating Security Services of the Republic of Serbia, the Law on the Military Security Agency and Military Intelligence Agency, the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly and the Decision of the Committee which regulates the way in which the Committee preforms the direct supervision of the legality of work of the Military Intelligence Agency regarding compliance with the affairs and tasks determined by Law.

The Committee’s delegation affirmed that the Military Intelligence Agency acts in accordance with its scope of work and procedures prescribed by the Law. The work of the members of the MIA was positively evaluated and the full support was given to their further engagement in successful realization of the main tasks. The MIA’s members took an active part during this supervisory visit by providing detailed explanations and answers to the questions asked by the members of the delegation of the Committee.

With this visit to the Military Intelligence Agency, the cycle of the planned supervisory visits to the security services was completed, while in the forthcoming period the Committee will continue to actively supervise the work of the security services as well as further coordinated and aligned work of the security services in the field of realization of national interests.

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