The Day of the Military Intelligence Agency marked

06. 03. 2019

The reception on the occasion of the 5th March, the Day of the Military Intelligence Agency has been held tonight at the Great Hall of the Guard House in Topcider,

The ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Ana Brnabic, the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Milan Mojsilovic, representatives from the Ministry of Defence, Serbian Armed Forces, diplomatic and military diplomatic missions, religious communities, members of parliament and numerous guests.

Welcoming the gathering on behalf of the members of the Agency, Director of the Military Intelligence Agency, Brigadier General Zoran Stojkovic, has reminded that the protection of the motherland has always been the main task of every Serbian intelligence officer, however through all historical periods, particularly during wars, this task was complex.

-The work of the members of the only Serbian external intelligence service, such as MIA, is not easier even today. It has been conducted in particularly dynamic and turbulent times. We are witnessing ever faster changes to both global and regional agenda as well as new geopolitical circumstances which hinder the assessments of future events. The behavior of the main international actors is becoming more unpredictable, and it is known that when big players’ interests intersect on the world’s scene, usually the small ones feel the consequences of this collision - emphasized General Stojkovic, adding that he is particularly proud of the fact that the MIA, in such circumstances, has managed to maintain high level of credibility of the assessments of the developments in our surroundings, as well as in the world.

He particularly thanked the members of the Military Intelligence Agency, who with their work and commitment have contributed to such results and have made the Agency modern and capable to recognize the threats to our country.

-We would not have such external intelligence service without a constant support, understanding and requests of the state and military leadership. The Ministry of Defense and our Minister, who have a huge understanding of our needs and plans, particularly contributed that the work of the Agency is at such level. Thanks to that, we have managed to rejuvenate personnel and carry out reorganization, as well as to expand the network of defence attaché offices. Last year, we opened two new defence attaché offices - in Belarus and Iran - said General Stojkovic, adding that the members of the MIA will put their efforts to justify gained confidence by supporting the development of bilateral military and military-economic cooperation.

According to him, besides representing Serbia, defence attachés, protect the country’s interests abroad and preform their activity in the unified diplomatic front, affirming the country’s concept of military neutrality and spreading the truth about Kosovo and Metohija.

-The Military Intelligence Agency is present in many places around the globe, but with regret I can conclude that there is no continent or more important region in the world, where peace and harmony prevail. The arms race, which has gripped the world, is reflected on our region, and this is something that worries us as a neutral country. Serbia does not want to be a source of instability, but also a target of some future conflicts, and therefore we are monitoring with special attention intensive arming of the countries of the Balkan region that is hard to explain, the countries which logically, should rely on the collective security arising from NATO membership. The prevention of surprises on the strategic plan was and remains our main task, and the security of our motherland is an imperative - Brigadier General Zoran Stojkovic, Director of the Military Intelligence Agency, concluded.

On this day, exactly 135 years ago, the military intelligence service was established in the Serbian Army as the External Section within the Main General Staff, led by our celebrated warrior, Duke Radomir Putnik.


Speech of Brigadier General Stojkovic


The Day of the Military Intelligence Agency marked


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