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The Armistice Day Marked

09. 11. 2018

The members of the Military Intelligence Agency have gathered today to commemorate the 11th November- the Armistice Day in the First World War.

In his speech Colonel Dejan Pajić has pointed out that the duty of Army’s members is to never forget heroic deeds from the First World War and heroes - Serbian soldiers, who were fighting a far stronger enemy with a firm belief that fighting for freedom is the only right way to follow.

"The Armistice Day is a holiday of the whole world and also a reminder of how important the peace is. We in Serbia should celebrate it remembering terrible sacrifices that our people and the Serbian army made in the world's greatest war. We should be rightly proud of our ancestors who impressed the whole world with their courage in the struggle for freedom, "Colonel Pajic emphasized.

The Day of Armistice in the First World War commemorates the memory of 11th November, 1918, when the armistice was signed in France, in the special carriage of Marshal Ferdinand Foch. This day is celebrated in all the countries which signed the agreement.

Serbia lost a third of the population in the Great War. It has suffered massive losses and is the country with the highest number of victims in the First World War compared to the number of inhabitants.

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