Marking the Remembrance Day of the Victims of the NATO Aggression

24. 03. 2017

The members of the Military Intelligence Agency (MIA) have marked today the 18th anniversary since the beginning of NATO Aggression against the Republic of Serbia. At the beginning of the Commemoration of Remembrance Day of the Victims of NATO Aggression in spring 1999, a moment of silence was held to pay respect to the members of the Army and civilian victims who were killed during the attack on our country.

Recalling the memories of the this period, Colonel Zeljko Gajic has reminded about the beginning and the course of intensive operations by NATO forces as well as about the determination of the members of the Army and whole nation to resist the aggressor. He emphasized that the members of MIA will not forget that time of suffering and pain, more than a thousand members of the Army and Police who dedicated their lives to freedom and independence of their homeland as well as 2,500 thousand civilians, particularly the children, who were killed.

Remembering those events, it is necessary to continue to cherish the memory of the victims who gave their lives for the future and life of their country.

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