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Minister Djordjevic at the 7th Conference of Defence Attachés

28. 02. 2017

The gathering held today at the Guard House in Topcider and managed by the Deputy Director of the Military Intelligence Agency Colonel Zoran Stojkovic was attended by the Minister of Defence and his associates, as well as by members of the Military Intelligence Agency. The gathering was held within the 7th Conference of Defence Attachés of the Republic of Serbia, taking place from February 27 to March 3 in Belgrade.

The Head of the Organization Department of the Ministry of Defence, who is also the Head of Defence Policy Sector Major General Sladjan Djordjevic, the Head of the Division for Research, Development and Production of Weapons and Military Equipment and Material and Technical Means of the Material Resources Sector of the Ministry of Defence Colonel Zoran Patic and Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Veljko Odalovic held speeches at today’s gathering. They introduced the military and diplomatic representatives to activities within their competences and they presented plans for the following period, as well as expectations from the defence attachés in the realization of activities on the international level.

Minister of Defence Zoran Djordjevic also addressed the defence attachés of the Republic of Serbia gathered at the Conference.

On that occasion, Minister Djordjevic underlined that defence attachés were the mirror of our Armed Forces and state in the world and that their work and actions abroad were perceived as the image of our state.

-The situation in the world today is not simple at all, but you should always be on the side of the Republic of Serbia and Serbia should always be on your mind – said Minister Djordjevic, adding that one of the most important tasks of defence attachés was to raise the reputation of our country to an even higher level and to try to represent Serbia the way it is through their speeches and actions.

According to the Minister, we are a proud people always fighting on the side of the victors and justice and the strategic decision of our country is the path towards the European Union and military neutrality.

During his speech, Djordjevic indicated the significance of international military exercises with as many various armies throughout the world possible as an opportunity to exchange experiences and develop bilateral relations. The Minister of Defence also talked about the equipment and modernization of the Serbian Armed Forces during the previous year, the results of the defence industry of our country, the participation in multinational operations, as well as the current security challenges with which our country has been facing.

Talking about the significance of the Conference, the Deputy Director of the MIA Colonel Stojkovic emphasized that the gathering was an excellent opportunity to analyze the work of the defence attachés in the previous year and for them to obtain instructions and clear tasks from all relevant people from the system of defence for the next year.

The final part of today’s meeting was reserved for questions of the defence attachés and for talks with Minister Djordjevic.

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