Director of MIA directs the work of the Agency and reports to the Minister of Defense.

According to the organization of MIA there is also a post of Deputy Director who reports to the Director.

Director and Deputy Director are appointed to and dissmised from the duty by a Decree of the President of the Republic of Serbia and on the suggestion of the Minister of Defense, in the case of military professionals, or the Goverment on the suggestion of the Minister of Defense in compliance with the Law which regulates the position of state officers.

Director and Deputy Director of MIA are appointed for a term of five years.

Director and Deputy director cannot be affiliated with any political party nor can they perform other public duties.

A person who has completed General Staff Education and who has at least nine years of working experience in the intelligence security sector within the defense system can be appointed to the duties of Director or Deputy Director of the Agency.


Duties of MIA's Director are as follows:

  1. to give orders and instructions for the work of MIA's organs and members;
  2. to be responsible for legal and professional functioning of the Agency;
  3. to be responsible for the appropriate use of financial funds and other assets;
  4. to propose development, equiping and annual plans to the Minister of Defense;
  5. to select and make the final decision over the candidates admission to the Agency and termination of the employment in accordance with regulated criteria;
  6. to propose to the competent authority the release of an Agency's member from the obligation of secrecy;
  7. to submit the Activity Report;
  8. to propose to the Minister of Defense the adoption of regulations from the Agency's jurisdiction;
  9. to perform other duties and responsibilities regulated by Law and other By-Laws.

(Law on Military Security Agency and Military Intelligence Agency, Chapter VII, Articles 37 and 38)  

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