Defense Attache Offices carry out the diplomatic function in the field of defense and are responsible for representing and protecting the interests of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia and Serbian Armed Forces abroad.

Defense Attache Offices perform their tasks in accordance with laws and Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations..

Currently, there are 24 Defense Attache Offices. In four countries, DAO is composed of a Defense Attache and a Defense Attache Assistant(The United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Russia). The other DAOs are represented by a Defense Attache (neighbours - Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, North Мacedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina; European countries - France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Belgium, Turkey, Poland and Belarus; Аsia - China, UAE, Israel and Iran; Аfrica - Egypt and Algeria). Another ten countries are covered on the principle of non-residental accreditation. (Canada, Norway, Slovakia, Czech, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Cyprus and Spain ).

In the fortcoming period a few more DAOs of the Republic of Serbia are planned to be opened in accordace with the needs and financial possibilities of our country.


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